Girls Rock! No, really.

Girls Rock! No, really.

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We absolutely love, no LOVE, this real-life School of Rock / Pitch Perfect Story.

The Girls Rock Camp exists to expose girls to the teamwork, confidence, and collaboration that come with being in a rock band. Who knew there were so many great lessons to learn from strumming a guitar?

Girl power and social activism are woven into every aspect of this super hands-on camp, where more than half of campers have never picked up an instrument before. The week culminates in an actual performance where campers – no longer strangers – play and sing together in an actual music venue.

Want to watch videos of the girl groups’ performances? Check out the Daring Hues, the Pizza Slayers, the Trebles, the Golden Fires, and the Chill Teen Vibes.

Keep on rockin in the free world, gals.

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