How to Mentor a Girl Through Stress and Anxiety

How to Mentor a Girl Through Stress and Anxiety

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We’ve highlighted the importance of learning how to fail safely, and the role that a girl’s environment plays in her experience – but what comes next?

If in this learning and practicing process, failure leads to more than just a bruised ego, and results in a stressed-out and anxious little person – how do you handle it?

There are several surefire BAD ways to cope with anxiety, but approximately one thousand helpful and healthy ways. Everyone is different, and therefore, everyone has different mechanisms.

When it’s a kid – the game changes. They are likely to not know how to react to feeling anxious and overwhelmed as a say, 30-something who has been in the workforce for a decade. They don’t have the strong sense of emotional intelligence that you do, and are looking for examples of how to respond.

If you notice a child obviously struggling in an anxious or stressful situation – what in the world do you do?

A popular psychology blog offers some helpful tips to anyone who finds themselves in situation with anxious youth.

Here are some highlights from the full post:

  • Help her feel safe. Let yourself into her world and offer safety and comfort.
  • Validate her response, and don’t rush her to “feel better.”
  • Open the door to a conversation, but don’t try to fix or change anything.

UGH. That’s the hardest one – to not fix her problem with our years of experience, wisdom, and lessons learned. But think back – where did all that knowledge come from? (rhetorical question)

Sure, her way of processing stress might be way less organized and more painful than your way – but she has to experience it on her own.

Like any uncharted territory, this will likely be uncomfortable for you both at first, but both of these life experiences give a girl the opportunity to learn skills she will undoubtedly use far into adulthood.


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