Take Action Thursday: The Power of the Educated Girl

Take Action Thursday: The Power of the Educated Girl

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The recent “Power of the Educated Girl” seminar in New York City gave more than 1,000 girls the chance to listen and learn about the importance of educating girls and women.

Panelists in the discussion included First Lady Michelle Obama, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Plan International girl advocate Nurfahada, and actress Charlize Theron.

They talked about the value of education to the 62 million girls in the world who want it – and can’t get it. Gillard urged the bright minds in the room to take action.

“Your voices are very strong,” Gillard said. “Direct them to world leaders. What you should say to those leaders is that it costs, on average, $1.18 to educate a girl in a developing country in primary or secondary school each day. Developing countries are already financing this cost at 88 percent—which means that [they need only] 14 cents for each of these girls each day. That’s got to be doable.”

A Girl Scout from New York had the privilege of attending the seminar, awesome! She reflected on the speakers and their inspiring messages here!

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