The Social Media Lives of the American Teenager

The Social Media Lives of the American Teenager

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Chances are:

a) you or someone in your house uses social media


b) you or someone you know have thumbs, and therefore, text.

Yes? Great! Read on! This applies to you.

The Pew Research Center released some new facts about teens age 13-17 and their social media habits.

Nothing too out of the ordinary, teens using social media, but the difference in boys’ and girls’ usage is interesting!

Also, let’s have a “back in my day” moment together:

Nearly three-quarters of teens have or have access to a smartphone and 30% have a basic phone, while just 12% of teens 13 to 17 say they have no cell phone of any type.

If you fall into the category of “someone in my house uses social media,” make sure to read over some helpful ways you can help your teens start their social media lives off right. A few highlights: agree on boundaries, and be transparent about your own experiences.

You can read the full report, or check out our handy summary below!


Carefully curated lives of teens' social media lives infographic

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