Why Invest in Girls? To Change the World, of course!

Why Invest in Girls? To Change the World, of course!

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Today is a day to celebrate your unique qualities!

Dream your wildest dreams!

Believe in yourself!

Decide what to be and go be it!

If you can’t do these things on International Girls Day – then when can you?!

Thanks to Kappa Delta Sorority, today is a whole day to remind girls and women just how strong, unique, and awesome they really are!

KD partners with Girl Scouts as one of their national philanthropies to further the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character. There are many other parallels between Kappa Delta and Girl Scouts, including the emphasis on leadership and the important bond of friendship and sisterhood. 

Need a few ideas of quick things to do today? Great!

  • Remind a girl just how capable she is, and that you see the best in her
  • Be intentional to share your time and expertise with a girl you know
  • Financially support an organization that builds confidence in girls – and tells them they matter
  • Above all, be there for her. Listen to her. Encourage her.

Know what else? Show her she matters!

From now until December 1, we are campaigning to raise $100,000 to directly influence the lives of our 8,000+ girl members! Share it with your network! Show the girls in your community that you think they matter!

Invest in Girls – Change the World.


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