Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

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December To Do List

If your to-do list looks anything like this, we need you to follow these instructions:

  1. Close Pinterest.
  2. And step away from the glue gun and confectioner’s sugar.

The pressure is ON during the holidays to be the merriest parent or caregiver on the block, whether it’s serving creative variations of hot chocolate, hosting the jolliest gatherings, or buying thoughtful gifts for everyone. We are here to tell you that your family will still love you, even if you don’t have a new craft or activity planned for every night!

We are also here to tell you that letting go and starting healthy habits NOW is worth it! We posted earlier this week about gratitude, and how being thankful can positively impact your health, and lower stress levels. Here are some more ideas of helpful ways to balance the holiday chaos and celebration!

Disclaimer: we know that habits are hard to form, and that “kids will be kids.” But don’t forget that one day “kids will be adults!” You know way better than we do if any of these will work for your family, but hey, it can’t hurt to try!


The Gifts

The Etiquette expert herself, Emily Post, offers advice for both the giving and receiving of gifts. This is good advice for holidays, but birthdays and other occasions as well!

A few highlights: when giving a gift, look at the person and smile! When receiving a gift, always say thank you (even if you already have it, or it’s not your favorite) and send a thank-you note.

The Table

Assuming all little people aren’t at “the kid table,” you might want to talk about place settings and how to act during a big family meal. If your normal style is more casual, it could be a surprise that you are asking your kid to put their napkin in their lap, or not text at the table, but like we said: it can’t hurt to try!

Check out the review of basic table settings and manners, as well as good starters to the elusive Dinner Conversation.

The Company

Speaking of conversation, what in the world are you supposed to talk to your extended family and long-long cousins about? Ask good questions! Check out some tips and open-ended questions!

You could tell your niece that she’s gotten so tall…but what if she’s self-conscious about it? Read about how to give everyone better and more constructive compliments.

And we all know that where more than one person is gathered, there is likely to be a bit of relational tension or drama. Check out our guide and tip sheet on how to prevent all kind of drama, from girls and grown-ups alike!

The Stress 

Whether it’s attending too many family functions in too-short of a time span, endless preparation, or taking end-of-year tests, there are more than a few things that can stress you OUT.

If you notice that your kids are feeling the effects of holiday overload, make sure you know some ways to help them get through it, and hopefully relax. It might be weird to think about a kid being stressed out, but trust us, it’s not just for adults.

The Point

RELAX. This month doesn’t have to be “perfect” (whatever that is). Remember gratitude and take care of yourself so that you can be there for your family.




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