This Just In: How to Talk to Kids about Scary News

This Just In: How to Talk to Kids about Scary News

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Unless you have been completely off the grid for the past month or so, you know that the news has been filled with reports of tragic and traumatic events. Whether you are a news junkie, or a casual consumer, there’s almost no getting around the fact that it feels like there’s just always more bad news.

Whether you watch the news in your home or not, your kids might hear rumblings of current events at school, or during after-school activities. Chances are, even if you’ve tried to shield them, they probably still have a faint awareness of what’s been going on, and possibly some things they need or want to talk about.

If that totally intimidates you, because-let’s face it, there’s no logical explanation for the terrible-ness, and you don’t want to scare your family, check out this helpful list put together by a Girl Scout psychologist.

She offers five ways to talk to your kids about scary news, and we hope it puts you at ease, and helps you feel prepared to have a conversation about hard things should they arise.

A big piece of advice: talk if she wants to talk. Avoiding the topics on her mind won’t help anyone.

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