144 Days Til Summer!

144 Days Til Summer!

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Well, if you’re already over the will-it-or-won’t-it-snow dance, maybe it’s time to start planning some summer adventures.

A few places to start:

Check out this interactive U.S. Road Trip Map! Pick the area of the country you’d like to visit, the kind of traveling your family likes to do (adventure, eccentric, etc.) and find a new place to visit!

Make a Family Bucket List! Instead of just focusing on places to GO, branch out and try to think of things to MAKE, READ, PLAY, ENJOY or GROW. Scour Pinterest for ideas, there are plenty of bloggers who post their own ideas for families’ and kids’ bucket lists.

Try camping as a family! Car camping counts. You don’t have to backpack for it to be an “experience.” Chances are, there’s a state or national park near you!

Learn something new together. Maybe it’s a trying DIY project, learning the basics of a new language, memorizing trivia facts, or trying a new sport – pick a new skill or activity to try learning as a family. The fact that you did it together will mean more than mastering it.

Plan to send your kid to summer camp! Sure, it could be hard to part with each other for a few days, that’s a given. But there’s also the possibility of picking up a more independent and confident girl than you dropped off! Seriously though, in a 2012 national Girl Scout study, 72 percent of girls said they improved a skill by participating in outdoor activities, and one-third (29 percent) said they had overcome a fear of the outdoors! Plus, with bug repellent and sunscreen handy…is there really any downside of getting outside more?

Sure, summer doesn’t “officially” start until June 20, but what better way to keep the winter blues away than dreaming of sunshiney adventures?!


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