Fun Weekend Plans for your Fam

Fun Weekend Plans for your Fam

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What are you doing this weekend?

Running errands? Cleaning house? Visiting friends?

Are you hanging out as a family at all?

Regardless of if the answer is yes OR no, we have some family-friendly ideas for your weekend plans. Read and adjust accordingly.

Our list is adapted from a recent one on the Fatherly blog – which we LOVE. Since there may or may not still be good snow around in your area, we added a few ideas of our own! Check it out.

Your Year of Fun Family Weekends 

January // Plan a Game Night!

Pull out your board games, buy a new one with leftover Christmas gift cards, or get out an old-fashioned deck of cards. Family game night is on its way BACK. Bring some popcorn.

February // Do a Service Project.

You won’t have to dig very far to find projects in your community that just need participants.

Whether it’s picking up trash, organizing food/can drives, helping serve meals, or outdoor cleanup work – the less glamourous, the more it probably needs DOING.

Need ideas? Start here! 

March // Create a LEGO Masterpiece! (or other creative project!)

Since it’s more than likely still gray and gross out, why not try your hand at some small-scale building? Or large scale, depending on how intense you wanna get. Or, get out some art supplies and go to town. (abstract is still art)

April // Green Thumb It 

The frost is lifting! Trees and plants are coming back to life! It’s what we’ve been waiting for all winter: springtime!

If you have flower bed, you could do a good weeding and turning of the soil.

There’s also a bunch of vegetables you could start taking care of: broccoli, lettuce, carrots, peas, and more!

It’s probably already time to do your first yard mowing! Depending on how old your kids are – it could be time to start spreading the mowing love!

May // Explore a Museum

Chances are, there’s probably a free (or low cost) museum somewhere nearby that you’ve never been to. Take a little field trip and spend the day expanding your family’s world view and learning something new.

June // Go Camping!

You don’t have to strap on a backpack or dig a latrine to go camping! You could pitch a tent in your backyard, or reserve a spot in a local state/national park – just get outside! Cook your meals over a fire, enjoy nature, sleep outside – don’t overthink it.

Need any more reasons to give camping a shot? How about three good ones?

July // Get on a Boat

Choose your weapon: canoe, paddleboat, kayak, paddle board, or fishing boat – it’s time to cool off on the water! The more SPF the better.

August // Sculpt Sandcastles

Even if you aren’t close to an ocean (hello, landlocked states) you might be close to a lake or man-made beach! Make sandcastles, lounge, read, and ahhhhhhhh.

September // Point out the Constellations

u need is a simple telescope, a constellation app, and a dark place that’s not polluted by streetlights. Oh, and you Orion’s Belt. (kidding)

October // Take a Hike

The leaves are going to be at the peak of prettiness this month, so it’s the perfect time to lace up your boots. Check to see if your community has local trails or greenways – you might not even have to go very far to see some fall foliage

For ideas, check out our list!

November // Cook Something Delicious

Whether you try something new, or whip up an old favorite – all that matters is that you’re doing it together! This winter holiday season is full of opportunities to create memorable and delicious meals.

December // Hit the Slopes!

Maybe you don’t leave the bunny slope all day – and that’s fine! Black diamonds aren’t the goal, but trying something new IS.


There you have it! Twelve fun-filled family weekends! None of these require being an expert at anything. Just take these ideas and go for it!

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