Get Em’ While They’re HOT

Get Em’ While They’re HOT

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Girl Scout Thin Mints might taste great cold, but the tech that girls can use to sell them is HOT.

Yes, there is still the paper order card that you might even remember toting around as a child, but there is now a way to buy cookies the way you probably buy most things: ONLINE.

Last year was the first year that the iconic cookies had ever been for sale online – by girls – propelling the program into the twenty-first century.

The newly-updated Digital Cookie 2.0 was showcased at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show. Consumers will enjoy faster and more efficient checkout, and girls will enjoy all kind of fun games and videos on the back end.

The cookies have to be purchased through a girl, which means one will need to send you the link to her store.

Don’t know any Girl Scouts? Do you go to grocery stores? Perfect!

There’s a Cookie Locator app for both Android and iPhone that will direct you toward your beloved Samoas at a cookie booth near you.

And speaking of Cookie Booths, we have a little bit of etiquette for you to consider…


  • Donate boxes! Don’t want to buy cookies from every booth you pass? We get it. But did you know that even if you can’t possibly eat one more cookie, you can donate boxes to members of our Armed Forces? Cookies are worth sharing!


  • DON’T talk only to the grown-ups. Even if you know for a FACT that your coworker is selling every single box FOR her daughter, it doesn’t mean it’s that way for every girl. This is an experience in stepping out of her comfort zone, and speaking confidently to sell a product. Talk to a girl! She won’t bite you.


  • Ask her what her goal is. Part of girls selling cookies is to earn funds for their troops. Ask them what they’re going to do with the money, or what their troop goal is! We know they look adorable in their sashes, but tell them what a good job they’re doing, instead of how cute they are. These are the Future Bosses of America!


  • Don’t be the one that embarrassses a teen Girl Scout by telling her that you thought only “little girls” were Girl Scouts. Our program goes until a girl graduates from high school. As a high school Girl Scout, she can work towards her Gold Award (hint: like the Eagle) and qualify for college scholarships and advanced military rankings. BOOM. MIC DROP.

Bottom line: cookies are back, get you some, donate the ones you can’t eat, and make sure to talk to the girls in the process.

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