Here Come The Cookies!

Here Come The Cookies!

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The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins TODAY! These legendary, once-a-year treats that stock freezers and fill bellies are available  today until March 20!

Regardless of your feelings of the cookies themselves, allow us to share this little nugget of cookie knowledge:

These cookies are both educational AND delicious!

How’s that you ask?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives most girls their first experience with these five life skills:




Imagine the courage it takes a kid to talk to someone they don’t know at a cookie booth outside of a grocery store?

(I am willing to bet there are grown-ups reading this that don’t even like to do this, so you KNOW how hard it is!)

Through selling cookies, girls set goals – things they’d like to do with their troop, service projects they’d like to complete, and trips they’d like to take.

They get the chance to see how a business works – from the ordering and payment, to delivery, and customer service. They learn the importance of following through tasks, and managing their money.

They get to take a crack at e-commerce. These cookies might have been around awhile, but they are just now hitting the Internet!

For most people, the process of selling something is hard! Can you imagine the boost it gives a girl to accomplish a goal, and gain confidence by completing a sale on their own?

So, when a girl asks you to buy cookies, what’s she’s REALLY asking is:

“Would you give me the opportunity to learn courage and confidence?”


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