On My Honor, I Resolve..

On My Honor, I Resolve..

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It’s a new year! A fresh chapter! The start of something different!

Whether you are for or opposed to resolutions of the New Year’s variety, we want to present another idea to kick off 2016.

Resolutions are normally pretty “I” focused, right? I want to be on time more, I want to exercise more, I want to achieve this goal at work, and so on.

What about setting goals that are giving and service oriented?

The GSBlog offers a list of 15 simple, but meaningful, ways to give service that even the youngest of girls can accomplish!

A couple of our favorites:

Listen more. Sometimes all people truly want is to be heard, and to know they matter.

How many truly great listeners do you know? Probably just a small handful. You know that when you talk to them, they aren’t formulating a response in their head, and they’re in the moment with you. This takes practice, but guess what? if you live with little people, you can practice on them!

Do a quick diagnostic of your (and your girl’s!) listening skills:

  1. Does my mind wander when she’s talking to me?
  2. Do I interrupt/correct her while she’s talking?
  3. Do I have a story or anecdote for every topic?
  4. Do I remember conversations with her when they’re over?

Ask her what she thinks makes a good listener, and how she can try to be better!

Give out lots of compliments, just because. Make someone’s day with the simplest acknowledgement of a great smile, a fun outfit, or an inspiring talent.

Love this! We talked a little bit about how to give good compliments, so check that out for some ideas on how to make them mean more. You know how great you feel when someones notices something you’ve done…why not return the favor?

Sure, it’s January 5, but it’s never too late to start practicing some good habits!



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