How Will You Celebrate World Thinking Day 2016?

How Will You Celebrate World Thinking Day 2016?

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Contrary to its name, this isn’t a day to sit around in a chair, look at the wall, and ponder deeply.

Instead, it’s a day to rally the global sisterhood of Girl Scouts, and take action on global issues to make the world a better place!

And with 2.7 million members – rally you can!

WorldThinking Day has been celebrated by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides every year on February 22 since 1926. This year’s theme is Connect – with friends, ideas, cultures, nations, and traditions.

International friendships enrich our lives, expand our worldviews, and motivate us to create meaningful change for the world. Being able to zoom out, if even just for a day, and see that even though our place in the world seems small – that much more can be accomplished (and HAS been) when we work together.

It’s a day not to point out the ways we are different, but to recognize the many ways we are alike! In a day and age where it’s easy to forget about the other 195 countries in the world – it’s a welcomed dose of perspective.

For ideas of ways to celebrate, check out the GS Blog!

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