Leapin Lizards! It’s February 29!

Leapin Lizards! It’s February 29!

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A bonus day!

A whole 24 hours extra!

Buy 365 days get one free!

February 29, or Leap Day, is on the calendar every four years, and 2016 is a winner!

Why does this happen?

Science, orbits, tropical years, the Gregorian calendar. You know, basic, everyday stuff.

In a nutshell: if we didn’t have the extra day, we’d lose almost 6 hours every year. Which means, after 100 years, the calendar would be 24 days off.

Whew, let’s keep the Leap Day!

“Leapers” are people who were born on February, meaning they only ever have a handful of real birthdays! Fun fact: they can also be member of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

{Pro Tip: If you know a Leaper who’s having a “real” birthday today, maybe don’t tell them they look great for only being 10. They probably get that a lot.}

If you don’t know a Leaper, and therefore will not be attending a birthday party, try celebrating one of February’s Monthly Observations. After all, March is just around the corner! (Literally. It’s tomorrow)

A few ideas:

Great American Pie Month

  • Never been much of a pie professional? Going to have little hands in the kitchen?Start with something easy!

National Bake for Family Fun Month

  • Divide up the prep and stirring and try a basic casserole. It’s going to be delish.

National Cherry Pie Month

  • The favorite of George Washington himself!

(Or knock out all 3 above with a Great Cherry Pie that the Family Baked For Fun)

National Hot Breakfast Month

  • This obviously calls for waffles at home or breakfast date out with the fam.

National Library Lovers Month

  • FREE BOOKS. That’s all.

National Bird Feeding Month

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