Making Time for #DadDos

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Even if you only went to a Super Bowl party for the buffalo dip, chances are that you at least got some laughs out of the commercials, and maybe even a few ‘awwwwws.’

Did you see the Pantene #DadDo ad? Three NFL dads took on a task far more difficult than tackles or touchdowns: doing their daughter’s hair!

Pantene used research done by Linda Nielsen, a Wake Forest psychology professor, on father-daughter relationships as a basis for the ads. The commercials are part of Pantene’s “Strong is Beautiful”campaign, celebrating the next generation of strong women.

In a 2006 article, Nielsen stated that “well- fathered daughters are usually more self-confident, more self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers than poorly fathered daughters.”

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson said while doing his daughter’s hair, “If you’re a father, and you only have so many hours in the day, maybe doing their hair is one of the things you can do to connect with them, and to build that relationship.”

Maybe it’s hairdos, making breakfast, running errands, or homework help – the father-daughter relationship is one worth making time for. And lets be honest, dad’s pigtails can always use a little practice!

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