Food Friday: Two Cookie-Inspired Recipes you Have to Try

Food Friday: Two Cookie-Inspired Recipes you Have to Try

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And you thought Girl Scout cookies were for eating on their own.

To be honest, so did we, and then our minds were changed through the miracles that are Trefoil-Encrusted French Toast and Trader Joe’s-inspired Lemon Cookie Butter.

Oops, sorry. Let’s wipe the drool off my chin. I hate when that happens.

These two delicious dishes were created by Shawanda, the Chattanooga food and lifestyle blogger behind Eat Drink Frolic.

Another sweet twist? She was a Girl Scout in Franklin, Virginia!

“I commend these young ladies who work really hard to sell cookies because I did not have it in me, at the time. It’s so refreshing to see the girls be brave and come forward and ask friends, family and even strangers if they’d be willing to buy cookies. I was definitely not that brave. I barely sold cookies to my parents.”

Even though these once-a-year treats practically sell themselves, it’s HARD to make the ask! It takes courage and people skills – things that girls might not know she learned from selling cookies until years later.

The cookies might get all the media attention, but the girls selling them deserve all the credit in the world. They use cookie proceeds to complete service projects in their communities, to work on badges, to take fun trips as a group, and tons more.

It truly is a sweet sisterhood.

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