Real Confident Girls: The Positivity Project

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Do you sometimes think that the world could use a little more positive thinking and a little less everything else?

So did Christina! She created the Positivity Project to raise awareness of the importance of  positive thinking, and the great health benefits of doing so. The project is part of earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, which requires a girl to spend 80 hours on a project that makes sustainable impact on her community.

She explains why you should think happy – it helps you cope better with stress, which makes you more resilient to common illnesses, and in turn – creates a longer lifespan. All that from positive thinking!

And plot twist: it’s way easier to do than you might think, and might even include some activities that you already do. Check out her fun video!

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

-Helen Keller



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  1. Picklemom

    I’m positive this just improved my day!

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