S’more Ways to Celebrate National S’mores Day

S’more Ways to Celebrate National S’mores Day

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It’s S’mores time in the Southern Appalachians! Today is National S’mores Day, which should be an actual holiday in Girl Scout world – since we invented them!

The first-ever printed recipe for “Some Mores” appeared in 1927 in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts , and it has been a staple of campfires and campouts ever since!Smores recipe

(In case you were wondering- the answer is YES, the largest s’more ever was made in Pennsylvania two years ago. It weighed 267 pounds and took a total of 104 people to make. There was definitely enough s’more to go around.)

And…YES! It’s true…there WILL be a Girl Scout S’mores Cookie this coming year!

We will offer a s’mores-inspired crunchy graham sandwich cookie with creamy chocolate and marshmallow-y filling. The last new Girl Scout Cookies®, including the gluten-freeToffee-tastic, were introduced in 2015. We can’t wait to introduce this cookie to hungry customers beginning on January 13!

To tide you over until then, why don’t you celebrate National S’mores Day today with a sweet twist on the traditional sandwich?

gs_smores_2670 (2)

Or, to really throw a curveball, try out one of these s’more-inspired desserts!

S’more desserts

Oh, but excuse our bad manners. In case you’ve been reading this and wondering “what the heck is a s’more,” make sure to check out this instructional video. PS: The last step is very important.


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