Celebrate National Volunteer Week April 23-29!

Celebrate National Volunteer Week April 23-29!

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If you’re reading this and you’re a Girl Scout volunteer: THANK YOU! We are so thankful for you every day, but especially on Girl Scout Leader’s Day – April 22 – and during National Volunteer Week!

If you’re a Girl Scout or a Girl Scout parent who is looking for ideas to honor your dedicated volunteers during this time – never fear! We have some for you!

Adult Girl Scout volunteers give their time, talents, and enthusiasm to help girls gain courage, confidence, and character.

A simple “thank you” to someone who has contributed to the Girl Scout Movement or an individual girl or volunteer experience. Here are a few other ideas to say thank you:


  • Celebrate Girl Scout Leader’s Day on April 22 by sending out cards or emails from the service unit team to the volunteers in your area. Remind parents and caregivers of the girls in your service unit about this special day.
  • Create handmade thank-you notes. Have a special crafting night to create these handmade notes. Ask the girls to come and make some, too!
  • Pay for an annual membership to Girl Scouts.
  • Check out the council shop at any service center. There are lots of special thank-you items available there!
  • Plan a special luncheon, picnic, or covered-dish dinner!
  • Make a handmade craft, floral arrangement, or another item that would be special to them.
  • Dedicate a service project to a specific volunteer or group of volunteers.
  • Design one-of-a-kind certificates and present them at a special event.
  • Give a framed photo of the volunteer’s troop.
  • Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper praising local volunteers or submit a photo of a troop activity.
  • Plan a surprise party and invite girls and parents.
  • Treat someone to a special gift certificate to their favorite store or to the council shop.
  • Recommend a person for a special training, a committee position, or a special project.
  • Have a song on the radio dedicated to a special volunteer on Girl Scout Leader’s Day!
  • Nominate a volunteer for a GSCSA volunteer award! These are given annually in the spring, and nominations are due at the beginning of each year.


You can also check out ideas on the GSBlog or even send an ecard! 

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